Sunday, February 06, 2011

Spinach Dhal

I had a ton of these on the road in India (see post below)

Feeds 4-6

250g/9oz chana dhal
1 onion, chopped
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 teaspoons turmeric
2 teaspoons ground cumin
1 teaspoon ground coriander
5 curry leaves
4 teaspoons each of ginger and garlic pastes from a jar
4 large tomatoes, quartered
1 packet washed spinach
1/2 cauliflower, broken into florets
1 chicken or vegetable stock cube, dissolved in 400ml/14fl oz/1 3/4 cups water
2 chillies (red and green - chopped) 
1 small pot yoghurt
1 teaspoon garam masala
1 bunch fresh coriander, chopped

Soak the dhal in water for a few hours and then simmer for a couple of hours.

In a deep pan, fry the chopped onion in the oil until it is golden brown and almost burnt.
Then add the cooked dhal, spices, curry leaves, ginger and garlic pastes, and cook for 10 minutes.
Add the tomatoes, spinach, cauliflower, stock and chillies and then cook for an hour on a low heat, adding water if necessary.

Add the yoghurt and garam masala, and and sprinkle with freshly chopped coriander when you are ready to eat. Serve with basmati rice and pickles.

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