Friday, February 11, 2011

Meal of the Week! Prashad in Bradford!

I went to eat lunch in the Ramsay's Best Restaurant runner-up (should have fucking won!) Prashad in Bradford yesterday. Whatever you say about the rampaging ego called Gordon, good food is good food and Prashad served me up one of the most amazing vegetarian meals I've had outside of India.

I had the special thali and was completely stuffed, nose was running and my taste-sense memory was firmly back in Mysore (see above photo).

The service was impeccable and even though I'd not booked I got a table, and it does get busy.

The place is tiny (they open up another room next-door at night) and they do take-a-way - the most interesting thing is they have 'roadside' food on the take-a-way menu, and this is a first.

I love street food. I'm having this next!

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