Thursday, September 27, 2007

100proofTRUTH Issue 3

ISSUE 3 Press Release

100proof announce the release of Issue 3 of their urban culture PDF 100proofTRUTH
The only publication that gives real props to those it's due to, still repping all that's good in the world with 145 pages of visual diversity;

'Eclectic interviews, street art, graphics, and photography with a truly global urban youth perspective (uh, no not "urban youth" like pictures of 50 Cent posing with a cognac in Vibe magazine).' Fallon NYC on 100proofTRUTH

Featured Photographers are: Witold Krassowksi, Kent Baker, The Face Hunter, Faith 47, Paul Hartnett, Darrell Berry…

100proofTRUTH Issue 3 is all about the power of the photograph, with a few other talents thrown in for good measure, (like Sfaustina from San Francisco, Sun7 from Paris, Karan Rashad from Iran, Dzyla and Fani1 from Australia, and Laser 3.14 from Amsterdam.)