Tuesday, February 15, 2011

(Sketch) Book of the Week!

A coupla years ago I created a sketchbook for Thames&Hudson. It was called the Urban Traveller's Sketch Book (currently £6.47 at Amazon), Hush did the cover and I gave a few out to different artists. One of my pals - Aussie legend Jimmy Dodd, has just send me some shots of how he used his! It is nice to see that someone is actually using it for what it was intended! He reckoned the paper was excellent and that he needs another!

This is what he said:

'I need to have a sketch book when I travel.  I'm constantly writing down ideas, making drawings, and generally plotting and scheming creative world domination.  It is one of the rare times that I spend drawing every day, which I really truly love.  My skills get a little tighter during these periods and it becomes all the more satisfying to be drawing more and more. This little book spent 8 weeks going in and out of my backpack during 2009 when I took a trip through Europe and North America.  It's full of notes for artworks, many of which I'm only just getting a chance to work on now, 2 years later.  I enjoy the images as a reminder of having spent time in various places.  It takes time to make a good drawing and that time is spent absorbing the surroundings, creating memories via urban osmosis.  I peel stickers off of things, write down passages of text for essays, copy famous artworks and tear out pages in exchange for things like beer, a place to crash or a haircut.  My sketchbooks become much more precious to me than my finished artworks.'

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