Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lost in the Karaoke Bar


SEOUL 2003

Both these shot were taking with a very primitive digi camera and are the only ones to survive. South Korea is a fucking strange place, and I was there to set up an animation studio for a TV show I was directing at the time. It was strange as the place was packed with cars and it took 2 hours to cross town, and then at night everyone got completely pissed on over-priced Johnny Walker ($250 per bottle) and tried to belt out some karaoke. I was on the wagon by then and this sent the people I was working with over there into a state of confusion. Which then turned to anger once they were drunk. Why you no drink? This in turn wound me up and there was one incident in a traditional Korean restaurant  when the CEO of a large TV station decided to taunt me for my sobriety and I offered him out. The producers on both sides dropped whatever they were eating and tried to stop us actually coming to blows, but it wouldn't have amounted to much as he was so pissed and I was well and truly jacked up on endless cans of coke... Even his kung-fu skills (if he had any) would not have been enough to fight through the alcoholic haze that he was in and land a blow.

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