Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Reamins of the Pie (Steak & Guinness)

Yesterday my son (hero of post below) said that he was bored of all the Italian food we had been eating (okay he had a point, I have been hammering my Bella Granny's recipes since getting back from Rome) and when I asked him what he wanted he said 'something tasty'. Both my kids like decent food. My eldest (daughter) likes anything I cook and is up to speed on proper spicy food, but my boy likes his traditional English Fayre: Shepard's Pie, Fisherman pie (both not really pies as there is not a scrap of pastry in sight), Meat (usually mince) & Potato Pie, Spag Bog (a very English dish!). And steak pie. He loves one of them, and so I got a few recipes together and decided on the best form of attack. He's not that fond of too much veg so no mushrooms or celery (both of which go well in the pie)-  just the carrots then. Braising steak is best for this job so buy it before it's chopped up and then you can make your own whatever size you want. Oh and apparently you have to have some bacon in there... Anyway it went down like a 747 (quickly) and made me think more about traditional English food. Recipe will follow when it's 100% perfected...

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