Wednesday, March 16, 2011

things get a little hectic/Bombay Noodles

The US is calling and so is the London Book Fair, so a little under pressure to deliver the goods, but today's lunch made me laugh: Bombay Masala noodles from China.

It's been in my cupboard for a while and I've been swerving it but today is the day as I've no time to even think about what to make for lunch. (Naan Bread Pizza's are just a dim and distant memory).

It was, to be fair, nice and spicy, but it didn't taste of anything that's been anywhere near Bombay, and it had dried peas and sweet corn in it. But it hit the mark and now I feel cracked off my tits (MSG 3rd on the ingredients list).

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Liza said...

I had to physically restrain Dan from bringing back chilli Szechuan pot noodles from HK!