Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to the Start: Cape Monsieur

So folks, the first ever cookbook was written by Archestratus (a Sicilian Greek) in 350 BC. It was called Hedypatheia (Pleasant Living or Life of Luxury) and I guess it was the bomb. People must have freaked out like they did this Xmas with that Jamie Oliver book (which was his least good book to date - but sold the most!) The first cookbook to be published in America was The Complete Housewife by E. Smith in 1727. The first cookbook I ever had was when I was 7 or 8 and was the one with the freaky cat and dog telling you how to cook (My Learn To Cook Book), and had recipes for shit like apple snow (foul stuff) and croque monsieur (not bad and probably the first savory dish I ever cooked).

Which links me to this:

Cape Monsieur

30 year or so later, my cousin Mark hooked me up with this recipe, one wet winters day in Wynberg, a suburb of Cape Town.

Makes as many as you want to!

Some vintage/mature cheddar
A few slices of bread
An egg (or two, depending on how much you're making)
HP or Daddies Sauce
Salt + Pepper

Grate a decent amount of nice vintage cheddar into a bowl. 

Add the egg, a squirt of the brown sauce, and the salt & pepper. 

Mix into a paste.

Grill one side of some lekker bread (from Kolos Ukranian Rye to Warburtons white toastie - it's all good!)

Spread the mixture on the other side and grill until the topping bubbles and begins to turn brown.


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