Saturday, April 10, 2010

Orders are to be obeyed at all times: Follow your Leader!

Okay, so as some of you may know I was born out of advertising (hence the name - doh!) and so I still keep my hand in from time to time with some ad work. It is a great time to be looking at the whole ad game as it has changed beyond belief since the interweb revolution, and it is mutating into something that is a cross between entertainment, aural pyramid-selling, soft-porn, and a video game.

As a 'Cultural Leader' I am involved in the UK launch of the Honda CR-Z (I'm holding out for my free car) which is all about Cultural Engineers - people who are being creative and yet at the same time are doing some good. I applaud this as usually it's just about fuckers lining their pockets and trying to get out of paying the creatives for their hard work. (You'll get paid on the next job...)

So put all your prejudices about selling out and advertising aside and follow me into a world of pain, sorry, I mean the dream factory. There are some decent peeps in there...

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