Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where next?

Launching Street Knowledge in the US last week marked the end of a 7 month slog of promo: UK, TLV, AMS, Yorkshire, NY and LA. It's always like this I guess for stuff that isn't floating face down in the mainstream. Unless you're a twat like Russell Brand (a case of the emperors new clothes if I've ever seen one) it's not that easy to get the amount of press you'd like for your book film cd whatever. Writing the book is the easy part. It's trying to get people to be aware of it that is the hard part, especially in this over-saturated world where everyone wants to download your shit instantly, and more importantly, for free. Books seem to have become a cheap commodity, and people seem to have got used to paying fuck-all for them too.

I had a dream last night that I was surfing and I looked up and there was the biggest, most fuck-off wave towering 20-stories above me. I woke up just as it was about to wipe me out. This is what it feels like to put something out there that actually says something, that actually means something, rather than something out there just to make money. It's exciting but at the same time scary.

To everyone who has got up and down with me on the road, supported me and bought the book, I salute you fully and will leave you with these words:

It's been emotional...

20 Photos from a big journey:

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